Sunday, August 14, 1793
17 dead in Paurian Nationalist attack
Seventeen have been killed and five wounded in an explosion at
a Local Department Center in Amberg, Conkrit, Pauria by four
members of the Paurian National League. All four have been arrested
and are facing the death penalty.
Arican governor demands withdrawl of all
non-native military from Arica
Grand Arican Governor Insburgh met with CPSP and AP
ambassadors this Thursday requesting for the immediate removal
of all non-native military units from Arica and the outer-system
within a 5 year period.
Vaccine against 'Red Tat' entering clinical trials
Voxcorp Labratories announced in press conference earlier today
that it had started clinical trials on a vaccine to the infamous
'Red Tat' disease that had been first spread throughout Minstos
over a century ago.
IL continues Allorian Republican talks
Representatives in the International League continue to argue on
the treatment of republican revolutionaries in the Allorian Kingdoms.
Celebrating 100 Years of Shutter I
100 years ago today, the first photograph of Raythe was taken from
the Void during the AAIC's Shutter I mission, launching public
interest in the vast beyond.
Sondanian literacy at all-time high
The Department of Education released a report this Thursday
showing the literacy rate of Sondan in the past 23 years has risen
from 75% in 1770 to 96% in 1793, showing the fastest increase in
literacy in recorded history.

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